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Dear Parent/Carers, The Parenting Team are running a free sleep workshop which may be of interest if your child is experiencing trouble with sleeping. Also attached is more information on what the Parenting Team can offer, including face to face workshops and further information on free courses you can access online around understanding your child and various behaviours.

Support Options

Alington Hall Christmas Performances.

Skip2BFit - Blueberry Bounce

Darwin Values

PaF AGM meeting invite

Covid reminder.

Letter to Parents from DPH 7.10.21

Please see an important letter from our CEO for your attention.

PaF AGM Meeting.

Dear Parent/Carers, Please see attached a letter from our CEO and Headteacher.

Please see attached an important letter and guidance about contact tracing from Monday 19 July.

Whole School COVID Update.

Whole School Update.

This relates to children from Year 2 to Year 5.

VIP Sweatshirts Year 5

Run the Mat

PSHE Consultation

School Uniform Reminder Sum 21

SBMAT Newsletter

Free School Meal Application

Google Classroom and Parent Agreement

Radbrook Covid 19 Parents FAQs return to school.

MAT- CEO Guidance 3

Dinner Money Change