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Our curriculum has been designed  to be ‘connected’ - influenced by the knowledge outlined in the National Curriculum.  Being ‘connected’ ensures that children not only build on previous knowledge and experiences but are able to make links within and across subjects to deepen their learning.  It is sequenced to ensure breadth and depth of learning, following the principles of mastery.    It provides a broad range of experiences for our children and takes into consideration our knowledge of childrens' backgrounds, diversity and our unique community.  We are committed to delivering a broad, balanced and knowledge rich curriculum which will inspire and enthuse our children. We want our children to be knowledgeable, analytical, and resilient with the skills to solve problems and the confidence to take risks.  


We organise our school curriculum by mapping objectives through each stage of learning. In this way we ensure that ‘knowledge builds on knowledge’, helping children to know more and remember more.

Whilst we have worked hard to achieve a curriculum that is well connected, we also appreciate that some subjects stand alone and need to be taught discretely.  Links are made where they are contextually meaningful.  For example, RE  PE  Music and French.


Our connected curriculum will: 

  • place a high priority on children’s physical and mental well-being to ensure a holistic approach to development  (wellbeing)
  • promote British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs throughout the school. It is designed to open their eyes to different cultures and different ways of life and being a member of a global community (diversity).
  • encourage children to develop the knowledge that enables them to become resilient reflective learners and grow to be well rounded adults who are prepared for life. (change)
  • identify the key knowledge that children require, be progressive and ambitious and ensure the successful transition through the different phases of their educational journey 
  • provide opportunities to check that children have acquired and retained ‘sticky’ knowledge through carefully planned retrieval.
  • will be organised and delivered in a way that achieves the best outcomes for learning. For example sometimes subjects will be taught in blocks
  • support all of our children to be able to read at an age-appropriate stage. Our reading journey starts when children first join the school in Reception. 
  • ensure children acquire a broad range of knowledge that builds over time. 
  • ensure appropriate continuity and progression for children and their learning.
  • encourage children to be invested in their learning, in order to develop their independence
  • provide opportunities for children to fulfil their potential across all subjects.

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Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is organised into units which are delivered in phases.