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Memories of Radbrook Primary School 1989

Radbrook Primary School development started in 1987, opening in 1989.  Trish Brittain (Headteacher) held a celebration in the school hall to receive the keys from the builders in 1988.

1988 was a very busy year; Trish interviewed all the new staff and worked with colleagues; Secretary Ann Breach and caretaker Gill Wilding to set the school up from scratch ;  buying in equipment and laying all the class tables and chairs in place.

The school’s first staff team were, Trish Brittain (Headteacher) Janet Kempton (Deputy Head), Leslie Onions, Sue Edwards, Cathy Hartley, Jeremy Keeling.   The demountable classrooms were built in 1991/ 92.

The first PTA enjoyed organising evening Wine and cheese parties, and horse racing nights (Memories from Gill Wilding) she also recalls how music was played when children entered the school first thing in the morning and when going into assembly.