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Memories of Radbrook Primary School 1989

“The construction of Radbrook Primary School was well underway by 1987, new beginnings.  In 1988 the governors appointed  Trish Brittain as Headteacher. She had a term to set up the school, order furniture, locate children and appoint staff . Anne Breach was appointed as school secretary and worked with Trish and governors. Jane Krause was Chair of Governors and a prospective parent. Gill Wilding was next to be appointed as Cleaner in charge and with Trish unpacked all the tables, chairs, book shelves and trays and moved them into the class areas. It took days - with a special rubbish collection for all the cardboard and tape - and then came all the equipment. 
Many meetings were held with prospective parents and children - crocuses were planted in the grounds and visits were arranged around builders so children could see the school. 
There were 9 class areas with joint practical spaces, a library and music room, but as the school opened in January, a third of the way through the school year,  no Y 6 children moved from their existing schools in this first year of opening. The school grew  in numbers and popularity and 2 extra classrooms were needed and an After School Club was developed . 

The staff for Radbrook in 1989 were Trish Brittain (Headteacher), Janet Roberts now Kempton(deputy head teacher) Jo Brunsdon now Donnelly, Jeremy Keeling, Heidi Medland now Norman,  Leslie Onions now Graham, and Sue Edwards redeployed from another school. Lynda Harrison, Julie Bebb, Karen Morris, Sue Farr and Paul Sweetnam joined the teaching staff as the school grew. 

Support staff were appointed along with cleaning and kitchen staff.  Vikki Succamore was appointed as School Cook - she brought food to her interview!
Just before Christmas in 1988 the sewage pipes were joined in the middle of Bank Farm Road causing much disruption for people driving through the estate. If this had not happened the school could not have opened on time with the then 180 children. 

An important purchase was a School Bell to end playtime. Collection of the 🔔 from the entrance hall ( without making it ring at the wrong moment ) was a favourite activity for Radbrook pupils.


Appointed Spring 1988
Took up post as Head Sept 1988
School opened Jan 1989
Seconded to LA as School Advisor for 31 schools Sept 1999
On RPS 10th birthday Jan1999 those still in post received a badge
Resigned to join LA advisory service summer 1999


Trish Brittain.