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Relationships, Health and Sex Education

Relationships, Health and Sex Education- within our Darwin Growth Curriculum


 It is our aim at Radbrook Primary School to support our pupils to be happy, healthy and safe. We aim to provide our children with the information needed to develop healthy, nurturing relationships through their childhood and into adult life. 


Relationships Education at Radbrook Primary School will start with family and friends, how to treat each other with kindness, and recognising the difference between online and offline friendships. We will support our pupils to develop respect for others and for difference.


 During the Autumn Term 2020, in consultation with our parents, staff, children and governors we have developed a Curriculum Overview for each year group and ensure Relationships Education and Health Education forms part of our ‘Darwin Growth Curriculum’.


 Our Darwin Growth Curriculum Consultation

As part of this process, the school consulted with parents, staff, children and governors that helped to inform our schools’ decisions on when and how certain content is covered.


This consultation enabled us to reach a general consensus and we made adjustments to our policy and curriculum based on this feedback.


To help you understand the curriculum requirements, please look at the information below which provides more detail.


 Please find below:


Radbrook Parent Consultation letter

A PowerPoint presentation for parents that gives an overview of RSHE and the rationale behind the curriculum changes.

Our Policy for Relationships, Sex and Health Education

A summery document of what is expected by the end of Primary Education

Department of Education guidance that outlines statutory requirements.

Darwin Growth Curriculum Policy

Summary of Relationships and Health Education expectations for every child by the end of Primary School Education

DfE Document - Understanding Relationships and Health Education in your child’s primary school a guide for parents.pdf