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Inspiring Poetry at Radbrook

We have had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Debra Bertulis to Radbrook school to inspire our children with her passion for writing and poetry.

We all took part in workshops throughout the day, creating our own poems.

Year 6 worked on ‘I Remember…’, using senses to bring alive previous memories.

Year 5 wrote a version of ‘Wings’ by Pie Corbett.

Year 3 and 4 enjoyed writing all about their perfect thinking place.

Year 1 and 2 wrote a diary poem and our EYFS performed ‘My Puppy’ written by Debra.


Thank you so much for inspiring us to not only enjoy poetry but also create the desire to write our own.

Writing from Lower Key Stage 2:

Based on ‘My Thinking Place’ by Debra Bertulis.

My thinking place is on the warm sand in a beach.

I will sit there playing my guitar while I listen to the waves crashing.

I will feed the birds, make a sandcastle and enjoy the moment.

The aroma will fly up my nose and it will be very relaxing.

By Philip G (Ellesmere)


I do not have a thinking place but I have still a heart.

And every time I get the chance I start thinking nice and hard.

As the days go by, I sit and rest and try and find a place.

I thought and thought with my head…

Maybe the park or my bed?

Soon enough, I figure on my own,

My thinking place is my…


By Elliott C (Ellesmere)


My thinking place is the beach,

alone in the mid-summer breeze.

With no cares in the world,

I dip my feet in the water with seagulls flying over me.

I hear the waves crashing in the sea and

I feel the soft sand.

By Ollie K (Ellesmere)


My thinking place is the beach.

I would lay down on the sandy shore relaxing while listening to the squawks of the seagulls.

I would bring a book to read while the soothing sounds of the waves come in.

I can smell freshly baked fish and chips.

I would buy some to enjoy while watching the tide go out.

By Lily D (Ellesmere)


My thinking place is the Haven hills.

I hear the wind rustling in my ears.

I see the trees waving in the wind.

I feel the grass touching my hand.

I smell the sea whooshing in front of me.

I taste the chewing gum wiggling in my mouth.

By Jake (Ellesmere)


My thinking place is in the mountains where I can run free and see all that I need to see.

I can hear birds chirping in the distance.

I can feel the soft grass brushing in between my fingers.

I taste fresh air as I run, my fingers spread out as the grass tickles my feet.

I read and I write until I feel free enough.

By Lucy M (Albrighton)


My thinking place would be space

Because it would be more peaceful than earth.

Me floating around in Artemis 3

I taste fresh air in my mouth and moon dust

Just space…

Going towards the moon, I taste the strong flavour of moon dust.

I feel relaxed but of course I’m in a spacesuit

Linked to a variety of health support systems.

I step on the moon and do a backflip

Then I fly home because

Nothing feels like


By James O (Albrighton)


My thinking place is up a tree,

Staring up at the atmosphere thinking of life.

The scent of spring leaves is on the breeze

A happy feeling is surging through my body.

What I can see is nature and love.

By Harri E (Albrighton)

My thinking place is the beach with waves crashing down on the shore

And seagulls peacefully singing a song when the air tastes fresh.

I feel the hammock peacefully swinging as the waves swoosh aloud.

By Jaxon H (Albrighton)


My thinking place would probably be Snowdonia.

I love going on the mountains with a book listening to music, eating homemade cupcakes.

I hear birds chirping over me.

I smell the natural nature smell.

I taste chocolate cupcakes in my mouth.

I feel the joy of my mum’s love.

I see the beautiful blue sky with the white marshmallow fluffy clouds.

I feel the harmony of spring and the charming flowers and the pretty dandelions.

By Diyanah H (Baschurch)