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Frequently asked questions

What can I do to help my child achieve good attendance?

  • Ensure regular and early bedtimes.
  • Have uniform and equipment prepared the night before.
  • Report any academic or social concerns promptly.
  • Keep open and honest communication with the school.
  • Be positive about school (even if your own experience was less than positive).
  • Discuss your child’s timetable/lessons with them each evening.
  • Make routine medical appointments outside of school hours
  • Attend meetings and parents evenings


Can I take my child out of school for a Family holiday?

  • The law does not grant parents an automatic right to take their child out of school during term time. Any absence from school will disrupt your child’s learning. You may consider that a holiday will be educational, but your child will miss out on the teaching that their classmates will receive during your holiday. Attendance is vital to academic success and lost education poses a potential risk of under achievement. This is something we all have a responsibility to avoid. The Headteacher will not authorise an absence for a Family Holiday.   The Headteacher will consider requests for a leave of absence in term time in exceptional circumstances only. If you wish to request a leave of absence you must complete a leave of absence request form, provide any supporting evidence and return to school at least two weeks prior to the period that leave is requested for.


Why is it important to have up to date phone numbers?

  • School may need to contact you in a range of situations and it is essential that they have up to date contact numbers. If a pupil is absent from school with no contact from parents then school staff will attempt to contact all emergency numbers to establish the whereabouts and wellbeing of the child. Where school staff have been unable to make contact further action such as home visits, safe and well checks and referrals to other agencies (including the police), may need to be made. Further information is available in the attendance policy.


My child appears worried/anxious about attending school what should I do?

  • If your child has any concerns about attending school or is showing any reluctance to attend then we would ask that you make contact with the school immediately.   Your child’s class teacher, the attendance officer and the schools Deputy Head are all available to offer support and discuss any issues impacting on attendance.


My child is too unwell to attend school today what should I do?

  • Whilst children can attend school with minor ailments such as ear aches, coughs and colds, there are occasions when it is not in their best interest to attend because they are too unwell or at risk of spreading an infectious illness. When a parent makes the judgement that their child is unfit for school due to illness, they must notify the school on the day of absence, and subsequent days by 8.45am. They must give a reason for the absence and the expected date of return to school. Medical evidence will not be requested unless there are significant concerns about attendance and parents will be advised of this in writing. When medical evidence is requested by school this doesn’t require a doctor’s note and can include:
  • Copies of Prescriptions
  • Copy of appointment cards and letters
  • Copy of hospital letters and discharge letters
  • Sight of prescribed medication


Will legal action be taken if my child is absent from school?

  • The minimal time for appointments should be taken from school and children are expected to attend prior to/after appointments and not be absent for a full school day.
  • We would ask that all routine medical and dental appointments are arranged outside of school hours.   Where children are undergoing medical or dental treatment, or under the care of a specialist and appointments cannot possibly be made outside of school hours the time for the appointment and travel will be authorised.


Can my child be absent from school for medical appointments?

  • To help parents with decisions around illness and attendance we have also included a link to public health guidance on infectious diseases below: