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Supporting those affected by the war in Ukraine


The Pupil Council have met and I have also spoken to the teaching staff and between us we are wanting to raise money to support those affected by the current war in the Ukraine, which we are planning for the final couple of weeks of this term. We want to invite parents to come and spend a bit of money on the last day before we break up for Easter on some stalls that the classes will be putting together (more on this to follow). However, we have also heard of another initiative being organised by ‘First News’ (the company that produce newspapers in school for the children which our lovely PAFs buy in from funds raised and have done for many years now) in partnership with the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) and promoted by the DfE, all of whom are encouraging schools to put on a ‘Wear Blue and Yellow’ Day next Wednesday 16th March. As you will see below it is also Red Nose Day in the same week. I am proposing we do bothdays and the children can wear blue and yellow or something that is blue and yellow (no school uniform) on the Wednesday and also come as they please on the Friday for Red Nose day. 

   I appreciate that not everyone will want to donate twice in a week so one way around this (if donating £1 normally), the children could bring 50p to each cause or if you are comfortable paying twice then any donation is welcome on both days. The children can bring the cash and the lovely PAF team will help collate the cash as we are a cashless school. It means a lot for the children to physically bring the money in.


Comic Relief!


So the children can also ‘Come as the please’ forComic Relief’s ‘Red Nose Day’ this coming Friday 18th March.  We will be discussing the principle behind the day in our assembly and the children will cover this in class too.

The website is worth looking at:

As always, it highlights some of the causes that combined efforts will be supporting through the event.  Thank you in advance.