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Eco- Council

Here at Radbrook Primary School, we are proud to set up a new Eco-Council. Our council will be built up of a range of children from all years and led by a group of Year 6 children. Together we will look at ways to promote a more ecological way of life at school. Welcome to our Year 6 members..

Our Aims

The children talked together about what they hope to achieve through their work on the eco council.


  • Recycle more, especially at lunch time
  • Keep our school and local environment clean and safe
  • Reduce the amount of single use plastic see use
  • Reuse as much as possible
  • Teach our friends and family to be Eco-friendly

Environmental Review

We have begun to complete our environmental review. The review requires us to ask a lot of questions about what we do as a school. We had to speak to the kitchen staff, teachers, site manager, admin staff and children across the school. The eco-school programme has a point system to help us understand which areas we are doing well in and which areas we need to develop. The three areas we have chosen to work on this year are:

  • Waste
  • Litter 
  • Energy